June 29, 2019
Reserve days: June 30; July 6; 7; 13; 14; 20; 21.

The final date of the event will be announced 2 days before the race, after the approval of the authority.


Start:     Révfülöp, on the football field next to the harbor
The exact location of the start: Révfülöp, Halász u. 7. (football field)
Révfülöp is on the north shore of lake Balaton, along route no. 71.
Route Planner

FinishBalatonboglár, Platán Strand (plage)


5200 m


Early bird registration until June 27, 2019

The below prices are only valid for those competitors who already have a valid medical certificate.

Basic entry fee8500 HUF
Under 14 years6500 HUF
with Spuri Golden Card6500 HUF
Registration on the spot on June 29, 2019 HUF/person
Early bird registration, with medical examination on the spot10000 HUF
Registration on the spot, with medical examination on the spot10000 HUF
Registration on the spot, with a valid medical certificate10000 HUF

ATTENTION! We can only accept cash, and the exact amount of money.

Register now!


Early bird registration: it is only available online until June 27, 2019: 37th Lidl Balaton Cross Swimming – online Early Bird Registration

Registration on the spot: in Révfülöp, at the registration center, on June 29, 2019 between 7:00 and 11:45.

 How to register in Révfülöp at the registration center:

  1. For those who already have an early bird registration and medical certificate

After the online early bird registration closing date we will send you an e-mail to your e-mail address that you provided upon registration. It might happen that the confirmation e-mail lands in the spam folder, so please check that out.

We kindly ask you to print out this confirmation, hand it to your doctor to fill it out and stamp it. You need to show this in Révfülöp upon registration. We can also accept a medical certificate as a separate document when finalizing the registration.

Print out the confirmation of your registration, and search for the appropriate tent based on the category you chose (basic, under 14 years, with Spuri Golden Card).

  1. For those who already have an early bird registration but do not have a medical certificate

If you do not have a medical certificate yet, you can have it on the spot too. In this case, the doctors of the event will not fill out your printed confirmation letter, but the medical certificate will be stamped on a separate registration form. The registration fee in this case is  10000 HUF.

Pre-registration with valid medical certificate entitles you to have resort to the reduced entry fee and your name will be published on the result list at the end of the event’s day .


Register now!

For those who want to register on the spot

Upon arriving to Révfülöp, go to the tents at the entrance of the football field, fill in the registration form, get your medical certificate, then finalize your registration by paying the 10000 HUF entry fee at one of the ‘registration on the spot’ tents.

Finalizing your registration, paying the entry fee, timing band withdrawal:

29 June, 2019 between 7:00 and 11:45 on the football field in Révfülöp

 The entry fee includes:


In order to participate at the race, you need to have a valid medical certificate no older than a month that allows you to compete.
We recommend that you get a medical certificate in advance. You can save time and money by doing this, and you make the organizers’ work much easier as well. If you signed up for the event previously and you already have a medical certificate, the registration fee is less than the fee on the spot, and you can also avoid the long lines at the medical tent.
You can get the medical certificate on the spot as well (your general health condition must be appropriate for the race), but we recommend that you have the certificate beforehand to avoid standing in line for a long time and to get a discount on your entry fee (valid only in case of early bird registration online + preliminary medical certificate).
In case the event is postponed, the medical certificates obtained for the original time are also valid for the new date, unless they have been issued before May 30.

In case of foreign participants, we accept non-Hungarian medical certificates with signature and official stamp of the doctor.


between 8:00 and 12:00
Due to a possible change in the weather, the closing time of the start may be earlier.


There will be water provided before the race.
On the route, there will be water and glucose provided on the escort boats.
Upon arriving at the finish line, participants can have a tea, and they also get a finisher pack with goodies from the sponsors.


Everyone has to start swimming by 12 PM, and has to arrive at the finish line until 4 PM at the latest.
Times may vary depending on the weather (it can be earlier). The organizers will make the final decision after arranging with the authorities.
During the cross swim there will be different time limits after certain distances. Competitors have to get to the checkpoints at each kilometer until the given time. A competitor who exceeds the time limit has to get up onto the boat, and can only get off at the finish in Balatonboglár.

Closing times and the checkpoints based on the 12 PM start:
at 2 km:               13:30
at 3 km:               14:15
at 4 km:               15:00


You can change in Révfülöp and Balatonboglár in tents near the registration center.
You can drop off your package at:
–          Révfülöp and Balatonboglár: packages that don’t require transportation
–          Révfülöp: those packages too that require transportation to Balatonboglár
Cloakroom opening hours:
Balatonboglár:                  6:00-16:30
Révfülöp:                        7:00-17:30

Baggage drop-off:
In Révfülöp:
You can only drop off your package after the withdrawal of the wristband that you get after you paid the entry fee.
Packages, which remain on the spot, can be dropped off at the tent where the baggage storage is. After the drop-off, participants get a wristband that has the same number on it as the tag on the package.
Packages can be withdrawn after the swim showing the wristband.
Packages, which need to be transported to the opposite shore, can be dropped off at the tent that has the ‘package transport’ sign. After the drop-off, a new number and letter combination are being added to the wristband. Packages can be withdrawn on the opposite shore, in the tent indicated by the letter combination, showing the wristband.

In Balatonboglár:
Participants who are registered to the race or who are willing to register, can drop off packages.
After the drop-off of the packages which remain on the spot competitors get a wristband that has the same number on it as the tag on the package. Packages can be withdrawn after the swim showing the wristband.


There will be secured bike parking facilities on both shores, but participants need to lock down properly their bikes. Bicycles cannot be transported to the opposite shore.


Timing will be provided by chip that is located on the wristband that you get upon paying the entry fee.


You can check the real-time results on the website.
–          the results of the pre-registered participants can be seen at every refresh of the list
–          the results of the participants who registered on the spot will be uploaded to the site the week after the race


–          Anyone can compete at the race who accepts the terms and conditions of the race and has a valid medical certificate on the day of the race. The medical certificate must be provided upon withdrawing the wristband.
–          A participant who does not have a preliminary medical certificate are required to take a mandatory medical examination on the spot.
–          Participants younger than 18 years old do need a declaration of approval of the parents/guardian Participants younger than 14 years old can only get into the water with the help of their parents/guardian. The only exceptions are the certified competitors of the different swimming and water polo sports.
–          A participant who does not follow the exact route signed by the organizer or does not provide accurate information, including emergency contact information, when filling out the event application, can be disqualified.
–          We are not responsible for any valuables during the race!
–          Any commercial or promotional activity should be permitted by the organizer in advance, in a manner determined by the organizer.
–          The organizer reserves the right to limit the number of participants and close the registration at any time.
–          The organizer reserves the right to change the program and the date of the event.


We’ve collected some very useful advices for you. To check them, please click here. 

The event is supported by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology and the Lake Balaton Development Council.