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LIDL Lake Balaton Cross swimming half distance (2.6 km)

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Shorter distance, same experience: Join the half-distance!

Welcome to the half-distance of the Balaton Swim! The 2.6 km route is a perfect choice for those who want to experience the charm of Lake Balaton but may not yet feel ready for the full 5.2 km distance. This distance is achievable and a reachable goal for every enthusiastic swimmer. 

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Registration, participation information

The planned date of the event is July 26, 2025.

Reserve days: July 27, August 2, 3, 9, 10.

We will provide information about the event on Thursday at noon, two days before the event, following consultations with the Siófok Observatory of the National Meteorological Service and the Balaton Water Police.

*Participant limit: We can accept registrations for a total of 11,500 participants for the two swimming distances.

The registration fee includes:

The feasibility of the event greatly depends on the current weather conditions. When registering, please consider that postponement may occur. Entries are valid for a weekend (either Saturday or Sunday), not a specific event day. Therefore, if the event is postponed within the same weekend, your registration remains valid, and you do not need to register again for Sunday.

Please read through the following description carefully.

If you have any questions, you can find answers in the frequently asked questions section.

We ask that you always keep an eye on our news updates and our Facebook page, where we will provide precise information after each decision point on the options and current actions required.

Registration information, how to register:

You can register for the Lidl Balaton Swim at the web address after completing registration. (The site can be used with an existing Futanet registration.)

When registering for the event, you must also pay the registration fee. Payment can be made by credit card.

Entries submitted this way are valid not only for the first scheduled date but also for any postponed dates, provided the participant does not withdraw in the meantime. If the swim is postponed due to weather conditions compared to the initially scheduled date, there is no need to register again.

Registration in advance:

For the Lidl Balaton Cross Swimming, preliminary registration is open until July 17, 2024, 23:59.

Payment of the registration fee is done online via credit card or SZÉP card.

The registration fee includes a unique finisher's medal for the event.

The organizing committee will decide on July 18, 2024, whether the event scheduled for the initial date will proceed (with input from relevant authorities such as the Meteorological Service and Balaton Water Management).

  • If the decision permits the event to proceed on the Saturday of the same weekend, online registration will reopen, and participants can register again until July 19, 2024, 16:00.
  • If the decision is made not to proceed with the event on that particular weekend, participants have until the following Tuesday (July 23, 2024, 12:00) to withdraw their registration.
  • If the committee postpones the decision to Friday and confirms a positive decision for the Sunday swim, registration will reopen until July 20, 2024, 16:00. If a postponement decision is made on Friday, withdrawal rules apply, and registration will reopen for the next available date.

All existing registrations will automatically transfer to the rescheduled date.

On-site registration:

On-site registration will be available if the participant limit is not reached earlier.

The number of available slots, if any, will be announced at 17:00 the day before the event.

Double Balaton Swim:

There is an option to swim the 5.2 km distance twice. Please note that the announced start time window may be subject to change due to weather conditions.

To register for the double swim:

  1. The first swim can be registered here, where after completing the preliminary registration process, payment is made via the Barion payment gateway using a credit card. Following registration, the system automatically sends a confirmation email.
  2. Notify the organizers of your intention to swim a second time by emailing Simultaneously, arrange payment for the second registration fee via bank transfer. Include your name and runner ID or birthdate in the payment memo. The bank account details will be provided in the reply email.
  3. After payment confirmation, a second distinct confirmation will be sent to confirm your second registration.
  4. On the day of the swim, present both confirmations at the charity registration desk to receive two swim bracelets and one additional unique bracelet.
  5. The third bracelet is necessary for boarding the boat immediately after your first swim (skip the line) back to Révfülöp.
  6. For subsequent starts, you only need to arrive at the start location; no additional formalities are required.

Withdrawal from registrations is only possible within the specified deadlines as previously indicated.

If the start time is shortened for any reason preventing you from participating in the second swim, the registration fee for the second swim will be refunded. Otherwise, the fee for the second swim is non-refundable once paid.

Withdrawals can be made within the advance registration period until July 17 at 23:59.

Procedure for withdrawal:

  1. Log in to the online registration platform.
  2. Go to the profile/my registrations/current registrations menu.
  3. Under the details of the registration, click on the 'Withdraw' button.
  4. Accept the withdrawal terms, then click the 'Withdraw' button again.

Participation in the Lidl Balaton Cross-Swimming does not require a prior medical certificate or on-site medical examination.

Participants enter the event at their own risk.

Medical assistance will be available at the starting point, so anyone with health issues before the start can seek assistance.

Medical care for those in distress will continue at the finish line and throughout the swim.

By registering, you accept that if the medical staff determines at any point that you cannot continue due to your health, their decision is binding on you.

By registering, you acknowledge that Aranyhíd Balaton Cross-Swimming Sport Ltd. is not liable for injuries, health issues arising from poor health, inadequate preparation, or hidden medical conditions.

By registering, you also consent to undergo a sports medical examination if necessary and agree to follow the instructions of the medical staff during your participation in the event.

  • In addition to the physiological benefits, sports activities involve inherent risks, albeit very slight.
  • It is important to consult with a cardiologist or sports physician before undertaking a significant athletic challenge to assess any existing risk factors, evaluate possible illnesses, and potentially prevent life-threatening events.
  • Participate only with adequate fitness levels in sports events or more demanding workouts than usual.
  • Do not participate if you have upper respiratory symptoms, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, or injuries until you have recovered.
  • If unsure about the appropriate time to resume, consult with your general practitioner, sports physician, orthopedist, or cardiologist.
  • If you experience any unusual symptoms during exercise (e.g., dizziness, loss of consciousness, rapid or irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, chest pain, or pressure), stop immediately and seek assistance if necessary.
  • These guidelines apply regardless of the duration of the sports activity; what constitutes significant performance varies individually. Be responsible for yourself; exercise wisely!

Underage participants under the age of 18 will be specifically checked for the presence of parental or guardian consent.

Participants under the age of 14 may only participate in the event and complete the challenge accompanied by a parent/guardian. This rule does not apply to confirmed competitors in swimming, water polo, triathlon, and modern pentathlon sports.

Be a charitable athlete right from the registration!

Our online registration system offers a new, simple donation format. During registration, the system automatically presents one or more "charity items" assigned by us to the specific event category. By clicking on them, you can choose to support them with a donation of 3000 HUF each, adding them to your cart and paying for them along with your registration. The base amount can be multiplied, just like in an online store, if you purchase multiple units of a single item. The "charity items" can also be purchased independently of registration. At the end of the campaign, as facilitators of support, we transfer the entire amount collected through these donations to the designated beneficiary organization.

You can support the following charitable causes with your donation when registering for the Lidl Balaton Cross Swimming events - or independently of registration:

Supporting the Hungarian Lifeguard Service in Hungary

For 23 years, the Hungarian Lifeguard Service has been watching over swimmers and athletes on Lake Balaton and other waters. Their goal is to make Lake Balaton the safest lake in Europe. They focus not only on rescue and healthcare but also on accident prevention. At the Lidl Balaton Crossing, they ensure your safety and are ready to assist if needed, from the moment you enter the water until you leave the swim course.

I assist the work of the Hungarian Lifeguards<<<

The Lidl Balaton Cross-Swimming is part of our series aimed at companies and workplace communities, offering running, cycling, and swimming events for their employees in corporate colors. Corporate swimmers and SUP participants completing the full and half distances can earn participation points to increase their company's score. At the end of the season, we evaluate companies that have participated in at least 5 events for the final ranking. We also encourage smaller companies to participate in at least 5 of our events, taking into account their number of employees, and award winners in 5 categories based on this.

Registration for the 'Run the Company' series

Expressing interest in participating in the 'Run the Company' series is part of the normal registration process and does not incur additional costs. When registering for the relevant race events, participants should indicate 'yes' in the 'Run the Company' field and enter the company name in the 'company name' section on the registration form. After recording registration details, participation points earned by participants in corporate colors through completing the distance will increase the company's score.

The full regulations and current standings of the 'Run the Company' series are available here >>> itt >>>

Information for the event day

There are experiences you always want to remember. The Balaton Swim is one of them, a true bucket list challenge for everyone. Pre-order the official event merch T-shirt and make your achievement unforgettable! The LIDL Balaton Swim technical T-shirt is made of 100% polyester, perfect for sports, highly breathable, and quick-drying. If ordered for on-site pickup, you can collect it on the event day at the finish area in Balatonboglár!

June 23, Sunday is the deadline for pre-orders!

Even if you order for home delivery, the T-shirt will not arrive earlier; shipping begins at the start of the week following the event.

You can purchase the T-shirt in the following ways:

  • Buy the official event T-shirt on the event day in Balatonboglár, at the information tent set up on Platán Beach for 13,990 HUF.
  • Click here to place your pre-order:

Buy yourself or as a gift the Lidl Balaton Swim swimming cap!

The swimming cap is available in 4 colors, logoed on both sides. One of the graphics shown is on one side of the cap, and the other graphic is on the opposite side.

  •  Material: 100% hypoallergenic silicone
  • Non-slip inner coating that does not "tear" the hair
  • Maximum elasticity
  • Unisex, adult size: 22.5 x 19.2 cm

You can purchase the swimming cap in the following ways:

  • On the day of the event in Balatonboglár, at the information tent set up on Platán Beach for 3990 HUF.
  • Order online with GLS home delivery: 3990 HUF including postage costs for addresses in Hungary. /Expected delivery time: 5-7 working days/

Start: Balatonboglár, Platán Beach

A rajthelyszín pontos címe: 8630 Balatonboglár, Szentmihályi u. 1.  
Balatonboglár a Balaton déli partján, a 7-es úton és az M7-es autópályán közelíthető meg. Kattints ide az útvonaltervezéshez.


Finish: Balatonboglár, Platán Beach

There is no designated participant parking available in Balatonboglár.

Balaton-átúszás napján reggel 6:00 – 16:00 között a biztonságos és balesetmentes megközelítés és a közrend fenntartása érdekében, Balatonbogláron kikötőhöz vezető Széchényi István utcára  a 7. számú főútról, egyik irányból sem szabad majd behajtani gépjárművel. Onnan csak a 7. számú  főútra való kihajtás lesz engedélyezett. 

Near the baggage storage area, we will set up a bicycle depot. Participants are responsible for securing their bicycles.

The wristband required to start swimming can be obtained on-site, on the day of the crossing, between 7:00 and 11:45, by presenting the printed registration confirmation. Every participant will receive the registration confirmation via email upon registration, and it can also be downloaded from the registration profile.

The start time is between 8:00 and 12:00. The exact time of the first wave may vary (it could be earlier or later) depending on when the safety lane formed by the safety boats is finally set up. Due to possible changes in weather, the closing time for starting the race may be moved up.

The course starts from Platán Strand in Balatonboglár. The water is shallow for the first 100 meters, then it deepens suddenly. About 200 meters from the shore, the water depth reaches 3 meters.

The first half of the route can be completed in a lane alongside the swim lane designated for the Lake Balaton Cross-Swimming, then after 1300 meters, turn left and continue towards the finish line together with the field of the Lidl Lake Balaton Cross Swimming (5.2 km)."

You can find the schedule/timeline here.


We provide changing facilities in tents set up near the registration center in Balatonboglár.

You will have the opportunity to leave luggage on-site:

Opening hours of the cloakroom:

Item drop-off: 6:00 AM to 11:50 AM
Item pick-up: until 3:30 PM

Procedure for dropping off bags:

It is possible to drop off items for both participants with valid registration and those intending to register.

When dropping off your bags, we will provide participants with a cloakroom wristband, the number of which corresponds to the label attached to the bag. Bags can be retrieved after the swim by presenting this wristband.


A public shower is available for participants at the Platán Strand in Balatonboglár.

date of birthagemenwomen
People born after July 20, 2018Children aged 5 and youngerM5W5
2015. 07. 21. – 2018. 07. 20.Children aged 6-8 yearsM6W6
2012. 07. 21. – 2015. 07. 20.Children aged 9-11 yearsM9W9
2008. 07. 21. – 2012. 07. 20.Children aged 12-15 yearsM12W12
2006. 07. 21. – 2008. 07. 20.Children aged 16-17 yearsM16W16
2004. 07. 21. – 2006. 07. 20.Children aged 18-19 yearsM18W18
1999. 07. 21. – 2004. 07. 20.Aged 20-24 yearsM20W20
1994. 07. 21. – 1999. 07. 20.Aged 25-29 yearsM25W25
1989. 07. 21. – 1994. 07. 20.Aged 6-8 yearsM30W30
1984. 07. 21. – 1989. 07. 20.Aged 35-39 yearsM35W35
1979. 07. 21. – 1984. 07. 20.Aged 40-44 yearsM40W40
1974. 07. 21. – 1979. 07. 20.Aged 45-49 yearsM45W45
1969. 07. 21. – 1974. 07. 20.Aged 50-54 yearsM50W50
1964. 07. 21. – 1969. 07. 20.Aged 55-59 yearsM55W55
1959. 07. 21. – 1964. 07. 20.Aged 60-64 yearsM60W60
1954. 07. 21. – 1959. 07. 20.Aged 65-69 yearsM65W65
1949. 07. 21. – 1954. 07. 20.Aged 70-74 yearsM70W70
1944. 07. 21. – 1949. 07. 20.Aged 75-79 yearsM75W75
Born before July 21, 194480 years and olderM80W80

Distance: 2600 m - marked with a green line on the map


The distance starts from Platán Beach in Balatonboglár, where the water is shallow up to 100 meters, then suddenly deepens. At 200 meters from the shore, the water depth is already 3 meters. After reaching the buoy at 1300 meters, participants must turn around and swim back to the starting point in Balatonboglár, alongside the participants of the Lidl Balaton Cross Swimming (5.2 km).

A 2,6 kilométeres féltáv résztvevőinek minden útra jegyet kell váltani.

A hajóutazás alatt a Balatoni Hajózási Zrt. jegyárai érvényesek.
A jegyeket a BAHART helyszíni pénztáraiban és online ( lehet megváltani. Kérjük a pénztár előtti sorban állások elkerülése érdekében részesítsék előnyben az online jegyvásárlást! Az online megváltott jegyek nem jogosítanak fel a hajókra történő soron kívül feljutásra!

Before the start, you can hydrate with water. Along the route, hydration is available on support boats. If needed, glucose tablets are also provided. Upon reaching the finish, all participants can refresh with tea. Additionally, within the finish area, a finisher's package containing sponsor gifts will be distributed. Some items in the package (such as coffee, pastries) can be claimed by exchanging the coupons found inside.

The swim must be started no later than 12:00. Participants must arrive at the finish by 15:00 at the latest.

Please adjust the start of your swim accordingly if you plan to complete the 2.6 km distance in more than 3 hours. The above times may change (to earlier) due to weather conditions, which will be decided by the organizers following consultation with the authorities. During the swim, closing times per kilometer will be established based on the Balaton Crossing's average time. In case of exceeding these times, swimmers must board the closing boat and can only leave it at the Balatonboglár finish.

Closure time for the swim lane calculated with the 12-hour start closure time:
At 1.4 km, which is also the 4th km of the Balaton Crossing: 14:20.

The timing services provider is Sárkány Informatikai Zrt.

  • The timing is done using a chip placed in the wristband worn on your wrist.
  • The wristband is made of waterproof material, so it won't be damaged during sports activities.
  • Our staff will use a reader to check the chip when you enter the water and at the finish line, recording your completion time.
  • Please take care of your wristband and do not remove it; otherwise, your time won't be recorded for the event.

We expect a large turnout for this year's Balaton Swim, which was awarded the 'Recreational Sports Event of the Year' at the 2022 Sports Gala. To ensure a smooth preparation, we advise you to arrive at the starting point in good time. Finding adequate parking might take some time, so arriving early will prevent unnecessary stress before the swim. Even if you have to park further away, you'll have enough time to comfortably walk back to the venue.

Please be prepared for queues during registration and wristband pickup. We kindly ask for your patience with our staff and fellow swimmers.

You won't need much besides your swimwear and goggles for the swim. Before the swim, you'll have the opportunity to deposit a small bag with dry clothes and a towel, which you'll need upon finishing. Please pack minimally, keeping your essentials in mind. Avoid bringing rolling suitcases! You won't need a raincoat either, as the event won't proceed in case of rain. We do not take responsibility for the preservation or transport of valuables. If you choose to leave valuables in your bag, we cannot be held accountable.

Ensure your swimwear is comfortable and tested. While that new swimsuit might look great, it shouldn't cause discomfort after a long swim. Opt for swimwear you've used before and are comfortable with, ensuring it stays in place and doesn't irritate your skin during physical activity.

Use sunscreen suitable for your skin's needs, preferably with a high SPF. A swim cap or hat can be practical if your swimming style allows it.

Since you'll be engaging in the same motion for hours, parts of your body may rub against each other. To prevent chafing, it's advisable to apply vaseline to these areas.

Due to prolonged exposure to water, you may lose body heat during the swim. If the water temperature is below 22 degrees Celsius, consider using fat, which helps retain body heat and reduces the risk of feeling cold.

You'll need extra energy to complete the 5.2 km swim, so eat consciously and carbohydrate-rich in the days leading up to the event. However, avoid overeating right before the start! If possible, refrain from eating two hours before the swim! On the day of the swim, avoid fatty, spicy foods and opt for easily digestible meals for breakfast. Reserve heavy foods like bean goulash for later! For energy storage, it's practical to start the day with slowly absorbing carbohydrates (such as oatmeal). Despite these suggestions, maintaining your usual eating habits is the least risky to avoid stomach issues caused by newly tried foods.

For the safety of swimmers, sailboats will be positioned every 25-30 meters along the swim lane between the start and finish. If you get tired, take a break, but stay calm. Swim at a steady pace towards one of the boats, rest, and then continue swimming. If you encounter problems and can't solve them, always seek assistance first from the boat crew and then from your fellow swimmers if necessary.

Wishing you a successful completion!

  • Any well-prepared participant who accepts the conditions outlined in the event regulations may start.
  • Participants may be excluded if they do not complete the full course designated by the organizers or if they inaccurately or incompletely fill out the registration form with incorrect information, or if they cannot complete the course within the specified time limit.
  • We do not accept liability for safekeeping of valuables during the event.
  • Alcohol, drugs, or any other psychoactive substances are strictly prohibited before and during the event. Organizers reserve the right to exclude intoxicated and/or altered state individuals from the event.
  • Basic swimming ability and water safety are essential requirements for participation in the event.
  • Any advertising activities at the event venue require prior permission from the organizers, conducted in a coordinated manner and format.
  • The Platán Strand in Balatonboglár is not pet-friendly.
  • The organizers reserve the right to limit the number of participants and may close registration at any time.
  • The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the program and schedule.

Information after reaching the finish line

You can find the results here.

The results list is continuously updated after participants cross the finish line. You can also download your personal certificate from here, which you can proudly share with your friends on Facebook.

You can find our post-event photo selection on the Balaton-átúszás Facebook page and in the media library section.

You can find summary films of the event here

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