July 20., 2024
Reserve days: July 21; 27; 28; August 3; 4; 10; 11

The final date of the event will be announced 2 days before the race (on Thursday at noon), after the approval of the Siófok observartory of Hungarian Meteorological Service and the Balaton Water Police.


Start: Révfülöp, on the football field next to the harbor
The exact location of the start: Révfülöp, Halász u. 7. (football field)
Révfülöp is on the north shore of lake Balaton, along route no. 71.
Route Planner

Come by train! As a registered Ötpróba points collector, you can travel to the event with a 50% MÁV (Hungarian State Railways) discount.

Currently you can find the site plan of the 41th LIDL Balaton Crossing 2023.

Lidl Balatonátúszás helyszínrajz Balatonboglár 2022


In Balatonboglár there will not be any parking lots specifically for the participants.


Distance: 2600 m


The distance starts from the Platán beach in Balatonboglár, the water is shallow up to 100 m, then suddenly deepens. At 200 m from the beach the water depth is 3 m.

At the buoy at 1300 m you have to swim back to the finish line in Balatonboglar together with the Lidl Balaton Crossing (5.2 km).

Balaton-átúszás úszófolyosó


Standard entry fee
Spuri Aranykártya
04.22.202411 500 Ft10 000 Ft
17.07.202412 500 Ft11 000 Ft
On-site registration
(if the entry limit*has not been reached yet)
13 500 Ft12 000 Ft

*Entry limit: The first 11500 entry will be accepted (for the Balaton Cross Swimming and Half Distance in total).

The entry fee includes:

  • Participation at the event
  • Secured course
  • A unique cotton T-shirt with the event logo for pre-registered participants (who registered until 18 July, 2024)
  • free finisher photos taken by the FutóFotó team, courtesy of Lidl
  • free one-way boat service on the Balatonboglár-Révfülöp route
  • Medical service
  • Chip timing
  • Finishers goodie bag
  • 21,26 % VAT


From 2022  the procedure of registration for the Balaton Cross Swimming has been changed.

Please read the description below carefully.

If you still have questions, you can find answers in the FAQ section.

Please always check out our news and our Facebook page, where we provide exact information about the options  and what to do next.

Entry information, entry process:

You can register for the Lidl Balaton Cross Swimming at after signing up. (You can use this page with an existing „futanet” registration.)

From 2022 the entry fee must also be paid when registering for the Lidl Balaton Cross Swimming. Payment can be made by credit card.

Entries made in  this way will be valid not only for the first date, but also for all postponed date unless the participant does not withdraw in the meantime. If, due to the weather, the event is postponed from the first announced date, there is no need to re-enter.


You can pre-register for the 42th Lidl Balaton Crossing from … until 23:59 on 18 July 2024.

The entry fee is to be paid online by credit card.

The entry fee includes the event’s medal.

We will decide about swimming on the first announced date on July 18, 2024 (with the involvement of the relevant organization, eg: Meteorological Service, Balaton Water Police).

If the decision is to hold the event on that Saturday, the online registration will be reopened and entries will be accepted again until 16:00 on 19 July. However, during this entry period, the  entry fee will no longer include the T-shirt.

If it is decided that the event cannot be held on that weekend, participants will have the option to withdraw their entry, i.e. withdraw by noon on the following Tuesday (11:59 on 23 July).

If the decision is postponed by the committee to Friday and a positive decision is made about Sunday swimming, the entry will be re-opened until 16:00 on 20 July. If a decision to postpone is made on Friday, the withdrawal rules will apply and entries will be reopened for the next date.

All existing entries will be automatically valid for the next date.

Information on withdrawal:

Withdrawals will be accepted until 23:59 on July 11 during the pre-registration period.



From 2023, the 41th Lidl Lake Balaton Crossing will no longer require a medical certificate or on-site medical examination.

All participants can start the event at their own risk.

Medical assistance will be provided at the start, so if you have any health problems before the start, you can contact them for help.

Medical assistance will still be available at the finish and during the swim.

By entering you accept that if at any time the medical staff decide that you cannot continue due to your medical condition, this decision is binding on you.

With your entry you acknowledge that the organizer Aranyhíd Balatonátúszó Sport Kft. is not responsible for injuries or health problems resulting from poor health, inadequate preparation, hidden illnesses.

With your entry you also agree to be examined by a sports doctor if necessary and you agree to accept/obey the instructions of the medical staff during your stay at the event.

In addition to all its physiological benefits, sporting activity may also present risks, although very small.

It is important to consult your doctor before any serious performance!

Only take part in a more demanding sporting event or more strenuous training session if you are prepared.

If you are ill, injured, have a fever, vomiting or diarrhoea, do not take part in the next event or training session.

Any unusual signs you feel while exercising, slow down, stop, ask for help if you need it!

The above mentioned does not depend on the length of the sporting activity, it is individual to each person what constitutes a serious performance. Be responsible for yourself, do a smart training.


Participants younger than 18 years old do need a declaration of approval of the parents/guardian.

Participants younger than 14 years old can only get into the water with the help of their parents/guardian. The only exceptions are the certified competitors of the different swimming, water polo, triathlon and pentathlon sports.


between 7:00 and 12:00
Due to a possible change in the weather, the closing time of the start may be earlier or later.



There will be water provided before the race.

On the route, there will be water provided on the escort boats. Glucose will be also available if necessary.

Upon arriving at the finish line, participants can have a tea, and they also get a finisher pack with goodies from the sponsors.
Some items of the finishers goodie bag (eg coffee, pastry) are offered as a coupon which can be redeemed on-site.

Participants with pre-registration may pick up their T-shirt using the wristband—that they’ve received at the registration tent— and the T-shirt coupon -that they’ve received with the finishers pack- in Balatonboglár, at the T-shirt pickup tent, outside the finish area.

For on-site registrants the T-shirt can be purchased at the finish, in Balatonboglár.


Az úszást legkésőbb 11 órakor lehet megkezdeni. A célba legkésőbb 14:00 óráig meg kell érkezni.

Kérjük a 2,6 km-t tervezetten 3 óránál hosszabb idő alatt teljesítő úszókat, hogy az úszás megkezdését ehhez igazítsák!
A fenti időpontok az időjárási helyzet változása következtében módosulhatnak (korábbra kerülhetnek), amiről a hatóságokkal történt egyeztetést követően a rendezőség dönt.
Az úszás során kilométerenként úszópálya zárási időpontokat állapítunk meg a Balaton-átúszás szintidejéhez igazítva. Időtúllépés esetén az indulónak a záróhajóra köteles felszállni, azt csak a balatonboglári célnál hagyhatja el.

Úszópálya zárási időpont a 11 órás rajt zárási időponttal számolva:
1,4 km-nél, ami egyben a Balaton-átúszás 4. km-e: 13:20



You can change in Révfülöp and Balatonboglár in tents near the registration center.


You can drop off your package at:

  • Révfülöp and Balatonboglár: packages that don’t require transportation
  • Révfülöp: those packages too that require transportation to Balatonboglár

Cloakroom opening hours:

In Balatonboglár:
Baggage drop-off: from 5 AM until 10:20 AM
Baggage pick-up: until 3:30 PM

In Révfülöp:
Baggage drop-off: from 6 AM until 11:50 AM
Baggage pick-up: until 5:00 PM (this time may vary depending on the departing time of the last boat that transports participants from Balatonboglár to Révfülöp)

Baggage drop-off:
In Révfülöp:
You can only drop off your package after the withdrawal of the wristband at the registration tent.

  • Packages, which remain on the spot, can be dropped off at the tent where the baggage storage is. After the drop-off, participants get a storage wristband that has the same number on it as the tag on the package.
    Packages can be withdrawn after the swim showing the wristband.
    We recommend this option to those sailing back to Révfülöp after the race.
  • Packages, which need to be transported to the opposite shore, can be dropped off at the tent that has the ‘package transport’ sign. After the drop-off, a new number and letter combination are being added to the wristband. Packages can be withdrawn on the opposite shore, in the tent indicated by the letter combination, showing the wristband.
    We recommend this option to those staying in Balatonboglár after the race.

In Balatonboglár:
Participants who are registered to the race or who are willing to register, can drop off packages.
After the drop-off of the packages which remain on the spot competitors get a wristband that has the same number on it as the tag on the package. Packages can be withdrawn after the swim showing the wristband. We recommend this option to those arriving in Balatonboglár, then sailing to Révfülöp for the start.


Public showers are available for participants at Platán Strand in Balatonboglar.


There will be bike parking facilities on both shores, participants need to lock down properly their bikes. Bicycles cannot be transported to the opposite shore.


Timing will be done by a chip that is attached to the wristband given to the participants. All wristbands are made of a waterproof material, so they won’t be damaged during the swim. Staff members will scan the chip at the start and at the finish line to record the swimming time.

We ask that you take good care of your wristband and do not lose it; otherwise, your time will not be recorded at the event.


You can find the results of 2022 here.  Results will get updated continuously as soon as participants cross the finish line. From here, you can download your personalized certificate as well, and you can even share it on Facebook for all of your friends to see.

Results from previous years can be found  here.


születési dátuméletkorférfiaknők
2017. 07. 23. után születettek5 évesek és fiatalabbakM5W5
2014. 07. 23. – 2017. 07. 22.6-8 évesekM6W6
2011. 07. 23. – 2014. 07. 22.9-11 évesekM9W9
2007. 07. 23. – 2011. 07. 22.12-15 évesekM12W12
2005. 07. 23. – 2007. 07. 22.16-17 évesekM16W16
2003. 07. 23. – 2005. 07. 22.18-19 évesekM18W18
1998. 07. 23. – 2003. 07. 22.20-24 évesekM20W20
1993. 07. 23. – 1998. 07. 22.25-29 évesekM25W25
1988. 07. 23. – 1993. 07. 22.30-34 évesekM30W30
1983. 07. 23. – 1988. 07. 22.35-39 évesekM35W35
1978. 07. 23. – 1983. 07. 22.40-44 évesekM40W40
1973. 07. 23. – 1978. 07. 22.45-49 évesekM45W45
1968. 07. 23. – 1973. 07. 22.50-54 évesekM50W50
1963. 07. 23. – 1968. 07. 22.55-59 évesekM55W55
1958. 07. 23. – 1963. 07. 22.60-64 évesekM60W60
1953. 07. 23. – 1958. 07. 22.65-69 évesekM65W65
1948. 07. 23. – 1953. 07. 22.70-74 évesekM70W70
1943. 07. 23. – 1948. 07. 22.75-79 évesekM75W75
1943. 07. 23. előtt születettek80 évesek és idősebbekM80W80


Buy a Lidl Balaton Swimming Cap for yourself or as a gift!

The swim cap is available in 4 colours with logo on both sides. One of the graphics in the picture is on one side of the cap, the other on the other.

  • Made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone
  • Anti-slip inner coating that does not “tear” the hair.
  • maximum flexibility
  • unisex, adult size: 22,5 x 19,2 cm

You can purchase the swim cap in the following ways:

  • You can buy the swim cap on the day of the event at the information tent on the Platán Strand in Balatonboglár for 3990 Ft.
  • Order online with GLS delivery : 3990 Ft including postage for Hungarian address /Expected delivery time: 5-7 working days/.
  • For delivery abroad: 3990 Ft + postage



  • Anyone can compete at the race who accepts the terms and conditions.
  • A participant who does not follow the exact route signed by the organizer or does not provide accurate information, including emergency contact information, when filling out the event application, can be disqualified.
  • We are not responsible for any valuables during the race!
  • It is forbidden to use / consume alcohol, drugs or other mind-altering substances before and during the event! The organizers may disqualify persons with intoxicated and / or altered state of consciousness.
  • The basic condition for participating in the event is the ablity of swimming and water safety.
  • Any commercial or promotional activity should be permitted by the organizer in advance, in a manner determined by the organizer.
  • The Platán Strand (plage) in Balatonboglár is NOT dog-friendly.
  • The organizer reserves the right to limit the number of participants and close the registration at any time.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change the program and the date of the event.


We’ve collected some very useful advices for you. To check them, please click here.